2019 Albums

Album Review: Cruentus – Fake 8.7 (Death/Thrash)

This is just the month of Italy for Noob Heavy, this is like the 4th Italian metal band I’ve covered in the last month and the quality has been superb each time across many genres. This time around I’m covering one of Italy’s veteran bands, Cruentus, who have been making music with various lineups since 1989, which is a year longer than I’ve been alive. Their new album Fake, is their first LP since In Myself in 1996 so a lot of people are excited for this long awaited return. Well, I’m happy to say this is the first thrash album I’ve enjoyed in a long time. […]

Artist Spotlight

All of the album covers I’ve credited in reviews or features on one page and linking to the artists socials/official site. This includes art research I’ve done for all the other writers reviews. Image goes to our review, caption has artist name and hyperlink. This is different from the Commissioning Artists page, the people here may not be open to random jobs. […]