Album Review: Malformity – “Monumental Ruin” 9/10 (Death Metal)

Malformity has had about as uncommon a journey to their debut full-length Monumental Ruin as any band ever. 2021 marks a full THIRTY YEARS since bassist Eric Snodgrass and guitarist Dan Ratanasit first got together and formed the group in 1991, and 26 since they added a drummer and second guitarist and released their first demo, Black Holes to Heaven, in 1995. After those two demos, they split up entirely for nearly TWENTY MORE YEARS before re-forming with new members Craig Vogel and Glenn Sykes on drums and guitar in 2014. Now, after two well-received EPs (Lectures on the Apocalypse and The Rapturous Unraveling) in ’15 and ’18, Malformity is finally, finally ready to drop their first full album into the world. […]


Album Review: Karma Violens – “Mount of the Congregation” 8/10 (Blackened Death)

This might sound a little cheesy, but there are some albums that come along and make me think, “This is exactly what metal is supposed to sound like.” The atmosphere, the guitars, and the vocals all scream metal… without actually having to say it like some cringey limp dick power metal band. These albums are the epitome of metal to me, I felt this way about the new Raider album last year, and I’m thinking we may have another case of that here from Greek blackened death metal band Karma Violens. […]

Antifascist black metal

Join the Kvlt: Trve Qveer Black Metal

Continuing from where I left off in my previous column about leftist black metal bands, this time I wanted my focus to solely be on queer art. As a trans bisexual black metal musician myself, it’s always a breath of fresh air to find other queer folk making this kind of music. Even when leftist black metal bands get popular, they are often dominated by cishet men. Here’s a list of eight queer bands breaking the barriers of what it means to be a black metal band in 2021. […]


Album Review: Cannibal Corpse – “Violence Unimagined” 9/10 (Death Metal)

I am a weird kind of Cannibal Corpse fan, in that most fans will know more about the band as a whole than I do, but I’ve also spent half my life listening to Cannibal Corpse. However, I primarily listen to Bloodthirst and have for a long time. It’s exactly what I want from the band, perfectly summed up in one album and so it hits the spot every time, why move on? Violence Unimagined is one good reason to move on and marks the beginning of an exciting decade for the band. […]