Premiere: Hinterkaifeck – Kak Demo (Raw Black Metal)

Premiere by Carcassbomb

I always enjoy being connected with local bands online and this band in particular I’ve even seen live before. This is a raw black metal trio out of Brisbane, Australia who have a clear appreciation for alternative hardcore styles like skramz. Kak is a standout demo that has some chunky songs on it that also hint at some interesting ideas to come, this is not a straightforward experience and it’s one you won’t want to miss out on this year.

Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp (Nihilistic Noise Propaganda, $1 – I just got it myself)

Raw black metal is a genre often criticised for it’s lazy work ethic and production, which is pretty much the case for the majority of home jobs. What sets good raw black metal from the bad is having an audio thesis of some kind, a unique approach. It needs atmosphere and a sense of direction with capable mixing. Kak tells a story and flexes new variations of the raw essence, as informed by musicians with broad music interests. It has changes of pace and a sense of motion throughout with well placed audio elements such as samples and tempo changes.

There’s a likeness to blackened thrash or speed metal but it’s more foreboding and dissonant. It often has a discourse into grooves like a bunch of sludge sliding down a bath drain and swirling through the pipes. Vocally it’s intense and rough but with decent timing, reminds me a bit of Silencer. Check this band out and follow those socials for an LP in the future.

The cover art is particular intriguing as well, very much in line with the raw black metal and sludge aesthetic.

Cover artist: Lloyd Goudie
Layout by Cyanide Grave

E: Drums & Vox
O: Guitar

Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp

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