Micro Dose: Coffins – Beyond The Circular Demise (2019)

  • Coffins
  • Beyond The Circular Demise
  • Death Doom/Sludge
  • Japan
  • September 20, 2019
  • Label: Relapse Records

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Coffins got me with the album art and even if the riffs are sometimes boring, I’m generally on board for what’s going on here. A strange crossing of speed thrash death and doom. Beyond the Circular Demise has a level of variety in music that I’ve come to expect from Japanese metal.

Artwork by Thorncross

The vocals are a lot of fun, they’re brutal death vocals with a doom tint but sometimes it heads towards hardcore sludge and beatdown territory. There’s a wide variety of growling that never sounds out of place, if it were less present then we’d be left with something a bit barer. Like I said, the riffs can be a bit boring, I don’t think they got the doom metal aspect of it down pat as well as they do the thrashier parts.

It ultimately won me over by the end having found a middle ground between death and doom that was more within their comfort zone and ended organically.

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