Micro Dose: Munt – Towards Extinction (2019)

Towards Extinction
Blackened Deathgrind
Melbourne, Australia
August 5, 2019
Fav Track(s): “Alas”, “The Weeping Ceases”

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Munt sit in an extremely niche style of extreme metal, I niche I enjoy quite a lot. That is blackened deathgrind. The most easily recognizable example of this genre is probably Full Of Hell. It combines the raw intensity and speed of grind with the overbearing evil murky atmosphere of black metal.

The vocals here sound fucking ungodly dude. It’s these evil high pitched black metal screams that are just as sporadic and intense as the blasting drums. In true grind fashion this is ruthlessly heavy, not once does it let up. Definitely good stuff.

Zax @ Noob Heavy Team

Artwork by new cover artist Ruang Pelita

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