Micro Dose: The Black Swamp – Witches EP (2018)

  • The Black Swamp
  • Witches EP
  • Stoner/Southern metal
  • Gold Coast, Australia
  • February 1, 2018
  • Independant

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Despite weed being illegal here (QLD), we sure know how to do some solid stoner rock and stoner doom. Here and across the the rest of the country. Obviously South Australia is a bit ahead of the curb but those cunts have a bit more of a relax than we do, what I can I say. The Brisbane strain is a bit angrier and a bit grungier.

Artwork by Gold Coast artist Liam Elgey

I don’t focus on too many EPs let alone one from last year, but the album art in general with The Black Swamp is top notch. Throw in their ability to write a catchy song without sounding too ‘rock’ as well a strong live presence to boot and you have good music. It’s my duty to spread that shit when I hear it, especially when I can proudly rep locally. The Black Swamp are the kind of band that works nicely into a lot of playlists.

Their next LP is going to be huge when that time comes. If you live in Brisbane catch them supporting Eyehategod on the 15th November (Tix). I have seen them live recently and can vouch for them pretty hard. Here’s some pics from that live performance and one of their killer shirts I picked up at the show:

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