Micro Dose: Altar Defecation – Anno Domini Luciferum (2019)

  • Altar Defecation
  • Anno Domini Luciferum
  • Black Metal
  • Adelaide, South Australia
  • April 25, 2019
  • Fav Track(s): “Fiend”, “Infernal Hordes”

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Altar Defecation are a hidden gem among the Australian black metal scene. This new EP is very much proof of that, this is one of the best pieces of pure black metal I’ve heard all year. First of all, the production is WAY better than what you would typically expect from this type of thing, it is mixed very well. Instrumentally it’s pretty standard for it’s genre, it is very riff heavy tho, especially on the track “Fiend”.

There are also some synths thrown in the mix that make things pretty interesting, specifically on the closing track. The vocals are very well performed standard black metal screams. The bass is very present too. The atmospherics and lyrics on the EP create a very evil and occult theme and mood. Blasphemous themes are heavily explored here too and i can always get down with that.

Zax @ Noob Heavy Team

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