Micro Dose: Wormed – Metaportal (2019)

  • Wormed
  • Metaportal
  • Technical Brutal Death Metal
  • Madrid, Spain
  • July 19, 2019
  • Season Of Mist
  • Fav Track(s): “Bionic Relic”

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Wormed have cemented their own little niche in the death metal world as a brutal death metal band that doesn’t solely focus on brutality. They have a knack for very proficient guitar playing, crazy time signatures, along with themes that tend to focus on scientific or futuristic subjects. They think like a tech death band but they kick the brutality up 10 notches and ditch the squeaky clean production that genre typically has. I think their discography has had some hits and some misses but this is definitely a hit.

It’s all the best parts of their sound blended up into a little 15 minute long EP. The vocal performance is fantastic here too atop the exquisite yet punishing instrumental!

Zax @ Noob Heavy Team

Artwork by Wormed vocalist and generally prolific musician/artist Phlegeton

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