Micro Dose: Urza – The Omnipresense of Loss (2019)

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Hey everyone, I have a cool album that I wanted to share quicky here. This is The Omnipresense of Loss by Urza. Urza are a funeral doom band from Germany and this is their first full length. It’s some really great Evoken style funeral doom, or at least that’s the band that came to my mind first when I was listening to it.

There’s some really great stuff on this album. The vocals are a particular shining moment for me. They go from a deep death metal style all the way up to a Ghost Bath-like shriek. It’s produced very well too, you can clearly hear every instrument and nothing gets left behind in the mix. There are some minimalist parts where it reminds me of something Bell Witch would do.

As far as a first release goes, I’m super impressed by this. So give it a listen if you’re into funeral doom

Alex @ Noob Heavy Team

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