Micro Dose: Corpsessed – Impetus Of Death (2018)

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I listened to this because the album art is really alluring, there’s something captivating about this scene, whether it’s the creature itself or it’s purpose in this violent world. It’s pretty weird.

artwork by cover and logo artist Mattias Frisk

Musically this is some sludge death metal erring on the side of brutal death if it weren’t so slow and sludge. Not unlike 2019s toxic release from Horrisionous who are just a little better honestly. Not that anyone will remember, since it was an Australian release of high quality.

This is an album that simultaneous excites me and bores me, I love the way they build action but often reuse it in a less effective way, I’m talking consistent tremolo picking – not the most exciting technique for such interesting audio mixing and musical concepts. It’s a muddy mess that only feels half comfortable “in it”.

Literally though, the Rhythm is dictated by the lack of tremolo at times, rather than drums which sound buried. With that said it’s casually listenable, for sure and I love this album art. Stay tuned for my Micro Doses essentially being “sick art tho” reviews. 

Carcassbomb @ Noob Heavy Team

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