Review: Ithaca – The Language Of Injury 8.5

  • Ithaca
  • The Language Of Injury
  • Mathcore/Depressive Hardcore
  • London, UK
  • February 1, 2019
  • 8.5/10

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I haven’t heard a bad mathcore album this year. Between this stellar release from Ithaca, the recent release from The Callous Daoboys and the upcoming albums from Carbomb and The Number Twelve, it’s looking like a good year for a revival. The Language Of Injury is very much of sign of that with influences that feel rooted in older hardcore and skramz styles not unlike Circle Takes The Square. It has a similar level of variation on each track that keeps things interesting. It’s going to be tough to decide on an end of year list with such vicious competition being discovered every week. No doubt hardcore will need its own chart entirely.

I’m not sure how this has slipped by me since Feburary, this album is exactly what I like. It feels polished and dramatic but still retains an edge and grittiness that provides levity to the overall expression going on. It’s a great balance of tone and raw vocal delivery, they know when to strip back the fanciful layers and let the voice crack. A style that was more popular in the early 00s with most bands now opting for a more all-out wider approach like Dillinger Escape Plan. There’s a nuanced emo vibe here and I love it.

There is a strong metalcore element to some tracks but seems to avoid the parts of the genre that annoy me and instead have passages that range from simply ok to fantastic. It’s a genre that is shit on its own but when used in combination with other genres or styles, it works so much better – it kills so much filler and wank when infused with alternative approaches. Tracks towards the last half like “Clsr” have a slower sound closer to depressive hardcore or post hardcore, they sometimes use ethereal and clean feminine vocals backing tracks that help pass the time. The clean vocals taking the spotlight in “Gilt” made for a nice change of pace and stood strong on their own.

There’s always something around the corner that will regain interest and I really appreciate that, I much prefer this over an hour of thrash metal. If you don’t like a riff it’ll be gone before you can bother verbalising the complaint, the tracks aren’t dictated by the riff, it’s more freestyle. Possibly even lyric driven. The ending track “Better Abuse” is a perfecting way to finish the album off, it builds a level of energy that will have a lot of people hitting replay. At 31 minutes it certainly lends itself to repeated digestion.

Fans of Rolo Tomassi, Birds In Row and Sunrot will likely be right at home here as well as the older more chaotic stuff I mentioned earlier. Overall is a great blend of pummelling and melody with the latter being used less often but very wisely. It’s a big sound that fits a lot of content into a small amount of time, don’t let 2019 pass without giving The Language Of Injury a listen.

Also, this is a debut album.


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