Tape Review: Cannibal Corpse – Bloodthirst 10

  • Cannibal Corpse
  • Bloodthirst
  • Death metal
  • Florida, USA
  • October 19, 1999
  • 10/10

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Bloodthirst has been my favorite Cannibal Corpse album since I was 16 and George Fisher is my preferred vocalist. Knowing these facts, there shouldn’t be anyone contacting me debating it. It’s an archaic argument for people much older than myself. This album doesn’t require dissecting because it’s quality is high enough to elicit a joy response to listening to it. Whether it’s for walking, working out or playing Doom, Bloodthirst is enjoyable. This tape seals the deal with insane audio quality, the alternative cover art and decent inlay. 

I’ve tried every kind of CC but this is the place for me everytime, every song gets my headbanging and there’s enough transitions and reprises to keep anyone interested. The vocals are just fantastic and there’s an element of the black metal ‘open’ style of vocal. They simply resonate with me, combined with his wholesome social media presence and his hilarious depiction in Metalocalypse, he’s just a great idol of death metal. A genre plagued with old and bitter egos. It’s an earned status. 

The majority of Cannibal Corpse album art is by comic illustrator Vincent Locke. Infamous for his gorey and fanciful depictions. 

Good bass and great guitar with plenty of solos. The solos are the only part of the sound that really dates the album, they are vintage. The rhythm in general is really good with riffs that can still be understood at a distance. It all happens with great ferocity thanks a lot to this tape being louder than most of my other tapes, it’s really well recorded and produced. 

Bloodthirst holds up near two decades later.

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