Esoteric Tape: Rollins Band – Weight 9

  • Rollins Band
  • Weight
  • Hardcore/Post-hardcore
  • USA
  • April 12, 1994
  • 9/10

Imago Records

One of my all time favorite Rollins albums, probably only second to Life Time (1987, 10/10 easy), stoked to have it on tape. This is such a strong release with so many quality tracks, high impact lyrics and groovy-aggressive riffs. You could just as easily start this tape on side B if you wanted to, the last half of the record maintains the momentum steadily. Love the photo on the inlay pictured below.

The first side of the tape it outright iconic with tracks like Civilized and Liar. A strong emphasis on lyrics and the instruments have unlimited ways of accommodating Henry Rollins’ vocals, It’s his band after all. The essence of Black Flag is still strong with Weight, which includes a lot of blues inspired punk that came to be post-hardcore. There’s also a similar beat poet vibe to a lot of the tracks, not surprising considering Rollins’ knack for spoken word. I’ve heard most of them and read some of his books, there’s always a point to the content and I can respect that. He hosts and curates a pretty awesome radio show on KCRW (link) which is pure music, so if you don’t like him for his outspoken opinions then this should be a safe zone to enjoy his superhuman curation abilities.

I found this tape at Phase4Records in Brisbane, I highly recommend taking a look. They have a box of death/black/grind tapes and demos, a lot of Australian bands as well as some European stuff. It’s getting harder to come by stuff like this in city.

You either love Henry Rollins or find him annoying, some people don’t like spending their free time having a guy from the 90s yell at them for an hour. Fair enough, personally I need it just to wake up in the morning. I don’t even drink coffee anymore. 

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