Australian Heavypedia: Psycroptic (Tech Death)

  • Psycroptic
  • Technical Death Metal
  • Hobart, Tasmania
  • Latest release: As the Kingdom Drowns (2018)

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Psycroptic started strong and stayed there, not only one of Australia’s longest running bands but also among the forerunners of tech death in general. They formed in 1999 and released their debut LP in 2001, The Isle of Disenchantment – a solid album that holds up to time very well. Since then they’ve released an LP every few years until as recently as November 2018 with their 6th LP, As the Kingdom Drowns, cementing their place as one of Australia’s current heaviest hitters. Their energetic and technically proficient shows make them a must see live band, but also, the time they take between each release has earned them a reputation as one of the best studio bands Australia has to offer.

Psycroptic currently play fast paced tech death with a bit of a melodic spin, specifically on the guitars which aren’t afraid to soar. At the core of the sound are two founding brothers, David (drums) and Joe Haley (Guitar), who over decades have been refining their craft and synergy. They’ve mostly kept the same lineup since Jason Peppiatt joined as the new vocalist in 2005. For their latest LP As The Kingdom Drowns they have a new bassist Todd Stern – a charismatic American import.

Psycroptic are signed to Prosthetic Records and have toured the world with great bands like Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Dismember, Incantation and Nile. If you’re going to see an Australian band overseas it’s probably these guys and they worked hard to get there.

               Shirtless and cargo shorts, the only way to perform live in Australia.

(Noob Heavy) Psycroptic has been playing for a long ass time, I remember seeing you play on my 18th birthday about a decade ago at Rosie’s in Brisbane. I think Bonesaw opened. Got any advice to newly touring bands?

“Of course! Surround yourself with people that inspire you, do your absolute best to never suck, and expect very little in return. Look after your tour mates, as a bit of kindness and courtesy go a long way in this game” – Todd Stern (Bass)

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“The album itself doesn’t have a specific theme, but Jason, our singer, was dealing with a pretty serious health scare during the time that the lyrics were written. If you’re the type of person that pays attention to lyrics, you’ll notice that overall the topics are full of doom and gloom. Personally, I think that makes the darkness of the album more prevalent and noticeable, which suits the riffs perfectly. The artwork was done by Mariusz Lewandowski, and we had already fallen in love with how sick it is before any of the songs were even titled. Worked out great! Check out his stuff, we all find his style very captivating.” – Todd

Lewandowski is surely a known entity with many bands donning his art in recent times, bands such as Fuming Mouth, False, Bell Witch and Rogga Johansson. 

Their discography is a formidable one with a variety of artwork and ideas present. The journey of growth and discovery is evident within the music and I feel comfortable calling them veterans of the scene. You can find their albums on Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. You can also purchase physical merch from their website.

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