Esoteric Tape: Venom – Manitou (1984)

Alright so this one is exciting for me, it is probably the rarest tape I have and so early into my newfound hobby! Some people on IG have already seen that I got this tape and three others in a local record store tape haul (very rare in QLD, Australia). I’ll be posting these between other newer tapes. One thing that had me worried about this tape is on the inlay where the band (I assume) states: “We regret that the sound quality of this recording is not to the standard we would usually accept: However we believe the content is interesting. Parts of the interview may offend. You have been warned”

You don’t see a whole lot of releases starting on that note but the music – indeed muddy on the instruments – was still an outrageous old school experience. These old sounds coming out of my player just made sense and I was temporarily transported to a random room in the 80’s where multiple persons would all listen to a tape. Except in 2019, it’s a difficult Side B to share. The interview would indeed offend most by current sensibilities which would make this tape even more luxurious to edgelords. Giggling about tits can be expected littered between stories of bandmates and tours, though the immaturity always seems to distract them. It really is a great time-capsule having the interview on one side. Fans of Venom or who have at least seen A Headbangers Journey will already know what to expect of these lewd men in that regard. It also strikes me that in this day and age, anyone who would be offended by it simply wouldn’t own it.

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