Micro Dose: Bastardizer – Dawn of Domination (2018)

  • Bastardizer
  • Dawn Of Domination
  • Blackened Speed/Thrash
  • Sydney, Australia
  • 17th Sept 2018


Dawn Of Domination is the bands second LP and it fits very nicely into the collection of Aussie thrashers. It sold me with it’s solid opening track – I’ve always a big fan of instrumental openers and less interested in samples or ambience to start off a metal records – especially not a blackened speed metal record. You have to bring the energy up front and the guitars always feel alive here which helps a lot.

The bass is very present, it has a distinct metallic twang that litters the tracks, a kind of constant that keeps everything anchored. You generally know if you’re a fan of this specific sound or not – it’s a tried and true framework. At least now you can get a taste for Australian metal in the mix and I recommend sussing out similar bands and projects from around the world. There’s only so much you can do with blackened speed metal so it all kind of sounds the same on some level, but that basically translates to “they are all awesome” too.

At the very least this is a 42 minute meal fit for thrasher consumption. It has good artwork too, this piece is by James Campbell who also did the artwork for a recent tape I posted from Bloodlust (Tape), a band he plays bass in. He’s been in bands as early as the 90’s so he’s deeply ingrained in the subculture and scene in Australia.

Currently they only have vinyls available on their bandcamp, having sold out of tapes and CD’s. So if you enjoy Hellripper or Bloodlust then don’t skip this one. I’m definitely keen on a tape from these guys, though I believe that boat has sailed.

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