Esoteric Tape: Cyttorak – 4 Song Demo

This is the demo that precedes their debut EP, Underdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of The Warp which I reviewed earlier this year here. It’s essentially the prototype for a wild and violent machine that is Cyttorak. The inspirations for this demo are just as far out as in the EP with super cosmic ideas and a hodge podge of conspiracy theories. It’s like reading The Illuminatis! Trilogy. This is truly esoteric shit.

Love the cover, it’s such a weirdly doctored photo (Or is it?). High strangeness surrounding this whole project. Musically it’s more basic than the newer stuff, I mostly got it because it was cheap and I’m a huge fan of the EP. Listen to the bandcamp and see if you want to get it, they’re down to 17 as of writing this. Hopefully the EP will stick around long enough for me to get a hold of it. When these guys eventually drop an LP it’s going to be huge, expect to see a lot more of Cyttorak.

The label Tor Johnson Records also does some cool stuff for a decent price. Such as bundles including a stack of random zines. Some cool diy underground shit. They also included stickers, a pin and download code with my tape. Highly recommended.

Here’s a little bandcamp experience anecdote: So there’s a disconnect between the bandcamp prices and the way PayPal converts the currency from AUD to whatever. So bandcamp will tell it’s for example, 8AUD for the tape and about 10AUD for the shipping. So I’m thinking sweet, I can afford this and the tape of the new EP. So I purchased the demo and then went on to purchase the EP but I was out of funds. Turns out PayPal charged closer to 30AUD for the converted transaction. The deal with Bandcamp is generally no refunds or exchanges so I’m just learning from this lesson and hopefully guiding others. It works perfectly for domestic purchase. I get a lot of cassettes for under 10AUD delivered from Australian based bands. But if you’re going for international or multiple purchases from the same label, definitely try going through their website first unless there really isn’t another option. It’s less convenient but I don’t want to pay extra for convenience.

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