Micro Dose: The Necromancers – Of Blood And Wine (2018)

  • The Necromancers
  • Of Blood And Wine
  • Stoner doom/rock
  • France
  • 5th Oct 2018

Bandcamp (less than 10 Vinyl left)

Of Blood And Wine should satiate any of my stoner and doomhead readers, it’s got everything you want from the genre and more. It doesn’t go too soft despite often threatening to. It keeps a good balance of rock to roll. The vocals are clean but there is a louder more strained vocal that carries a bit of gain. Much like Entombed‘s live album Unreal Estate where they put a theatrical rock spin on many of their death metal classics. It gets quite death rock when you aren’t expecting it. Fans of Motorhead should be at home with this vintage galloping sound.

The driving force behind the music are the guitars which lay out some energetic and far reaching riffs. It’s a motivating groove that’s always tumbling like it’s filled with rocks. The drums tend to give the guitars a lot of room to shine without ever stealing focus. It feels by the numbers but no less effective as an essential part of the sound. “Erzebeth” is the highlight for me, a 12 minute epic that keeps you interested. A lot of changes occurring within the track, varying in severity from wild to subtle. There’s a cultish vibe to them akin to All Them Witches that summons images of dancing in the woods as a part of some macabre ritual.

The artwork is an evocative piece from Vaderetro Studio whose style would fit perfectly into the universe of Dark Souls or the entirely addictive Darkest Dungeon. It’s a very mythical image which is something this artist does well, many of their artworks elevate the focal character’s status visually. The depiction carries a lot of confidence and primal spirit. Some really big picture ideas and symbolism going on that will likely blow a lot of stoned minds. I strongly recommend following their work. I always enjoy an album where the cover doesn’t portray the genre of the music, I can imagine this being used for a wide array of genre releases from indie rock to black metal.

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