Micro Dose: Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind (2019)

  • Memoriam
  • Requiem For Mankind
  • Death metal
  • England
  • 21st June 2019


A solid album of death metal that will please anyone, simple as that. The vocals aren’t too soft or too abrasive and the instrumentation has a moody amount of melody but never dawdles. It’s a tight piece of technically proficient music. It’s an addictive listen and I’m sure backtracking through their discography will be a rewarding task. I hadn’t heard of Memoriam until 2019 and I don’t know how that happened considering all of their stunning covers are from the legendary Dan Seagrave. Just look at this to start sensing his body of work, it’s intense. I adore his focus on buildings and architecture, something I’m personally obsessed with in album artwork.

This is a great example of attention paid to visuals serving the music. It adds a certain sheen. Consistently good use of artwork appears professional or fleshed out as well, it sets the listener up to want to like what they hear. It’s a package that suddenly becomes worth buying on CD or vinyl, or viable to sell these things.

They’ve had a solid few releases with Nuclear Blast now. I’m glad they have the resources to hone their craft. They’ve clearly used them intelligently so far because it doesn’t sound overproduced or excessive – it’s just a good romp.

Here’s the covers for their previous releases The Silent Virgil (2018) and For The Fallen (2017):



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