Micro Dose: Lucifungus – Akuma Kin (2018)

  • Lucifungus
  • Akuma Kin
  • Stoner doom
  • Australia
  • 28th Dec 2018


For a new doom duo these guys go pretty hard. As their Facebook asks, “How can 2 dudes be heavier than my whole band?” and that’s pretty accurate. These doom riffs are crushing and thicc. It also features the classic Australian sound that can so easily be confused for southern or groove metal. It’s very playful and progresses through the tracks very organically. I really like the track “Flesh” – it sounds very much like a Melvins song – which I never get sick of hearing.

The vocals are clean, as per the usual with stoner doom. The influences appear to be Buzz Osborne and Ozzy Osbourne. There’s never too much of an emphasis on the vocals or the lyrics though as the mixing seems to allow any kind of germination. It all blends together nicely in a complete package. It’s not too long or too short, just a really solid debut that should be an easy listen for any doom head.

Here’s hoping they do some more physical releases (tapes please!)

The cover art which is also featured on a glow in the dark shirt is by Glenno who has done an astonishing amount of high quality work. A lot of old school alternative influences that sometimes reminds me of Oddbodz, collector cards once distributed in AUS and NZ.

The track 411 from this album was featured on the awesome and free compilation Doomed & Stoned in Australia (Doomed & Stoned, 2019).

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