Micro Dose: Crypt Crawler – To The Grave (2019)

  • Crypt Crawler
  • To The Grave
  • Death metal
  • Australia
  • 2019


Australia is just churning out old school death inspired records this year and it’s amazing. Crypt Crawler are less on the grind side of things than I’ve been covering lately and follow more traditional death and melo death structures and styles. A definite must listen for fans of Amon Amarth, Death and Obituary.

The general highlight of To The Grave is the consistent guitar solos. It’s something that a lot of modern slam and grind neglects, if only out of necessity. It’s nice to get back to familiar thrashier territory – the death sound that formed my teen years as a metalhead. Standout track is Soul Harvester. It has a really great clean guitar opening and some catchy hooks. It felt like the album arrived at this track in a way too, in that the track contains the entirety of album in a neat summary. Some good pay out.

The cover for this one was made by Mark Riddick at RiddickArt. It’s a good image for the album – clean, detailed linework that perfectly represents the theme. It’s grave and it’s metal. I wanted to get the shirt off bandcamp but they had sold out of my size unfortunately. Statistically it seems, Crypt Crawler fans are fat.

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