Daily Dose: Corpseflesh – Rearranged With A Twelve Gauge

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  • Corpseflesh
  • Rearranged With A Twelve Gauge
  • Brutal death metal
  • Western Australia
  • 2019


I enjoy brutal death metal a lot and this has a galloping pace and vocals somewhere between old Cannibal Corpse and Dethklok. Both great places to start any record. Rearranged With A Twelve Gauge was released this year with complete disregard for the current scenes: it’s old school death in an awesome and ignorant way. It uses far less modern influences than most similar stuff coming out this year.

The core of the album is rhyming lyrics about gore and violence. A lot of very literal stuff that’s amusing in it’s simplicity and yet still effective. Musically, it’s a variation of grinding and stomping, a lot of treble and mid-level shredding. It’s a good time. It’s not original or amazing but it’s exactly what death metal fans want – consistently heavy and entertaining.

Hopefully this new LP is a sign of future activity from the band as I would like to see them live at some point. I just picked up the cassette from Bandcamp and I’m pretty excited for that to arrive. It’ll play nicely considering they don’t use too much bass. So stay tuned for that to be posted to my collection at some point.

Cover art by Andrew Zaitsev (no art socials I can find).

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