Short review: Mouthbreather – Dollmeat 8

  • Mouthbreather
  • Dollmeat
  • Metallic Hardcore
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 8/10


Another addition to the archive from last years metallic hardcore gold rush. This time it’s more on the mathcore side which is nice. It also has a tinge of djent which I wasn’t a fan of last year but it’s used wisely and minimally here. This is some really dark shit but it doesn’t quite go into sludge territory. First and foremost this is music made for moshing so if that’s something you can appreciate in a record whether you like metal or hardcore or what, then don’t ignore this short but violent release. Like really short, nothing over the 2 minute mark. I did review this last year actually but those reviews got lost, because I decided to lose them.

Presentation and lyrics wise there’s a sense of nu metal about them, like being a preteen in the early 2000’s and seeing these dark and weirdly simple covers. There’s also a similar angst. The lyrics are well written, I don’t mean this as a slight, they just rely a lot on word emphasis and repetition. Rappers are the same way which is where nu metal derived it from. It’s a bit of a clusterfuck how punk and metal have mutalited over the decades from Nomeansno era post hardcore to the insane mathcore we have now and every oddity that occurred along the way. The vocals remind me a lot of the lower end of Heavy Heavy Low Low in a really good way, I think a similar level of aggression against the mic and organic vocal distortion with layering in the mix.


It’s a name your own price purchase on Bandcamp as always so check it out and give them a little or a lot. I can appreciate these guys because I feel like this style hasn’t been going as strongly in recent years with so many of the original bands retired like The Number Twelve, or HORSE or Dillinger. These kind of releases feel a bit rarer for me now.

If you really enjoyed Errorzone by Vein last year, then definitely get on this one, similar energy and fusion of styles. This is a bit better in my opinion, less camp more edge. There’s also a lot of feedback used in the music to achieve an effect kind of similar to the high pitched mosh tone used in Hatred Softly Spoken by Chamber and Sectioned‘s Annihilated. A lot of good bands mentioned here, I’d say the strongest genre to come out of the states in recent times. It’s where they have the most innovation.

Just have the Deep Heat on hand for those necks guys.

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