Review: Faerie Ring – The Clearing 7.7

  • Faerie Ring
  • The Clearing
  • Doom metal/Stoner rock
  • USA
  • 2019
  • 7.7/10


Well it certainly seems the onslaught of doom releases was not exclusive to May. It’s even another debut album to boot, the standards at the moment for doom releases are pretty high right now. It’s great to see looking back on all of the stoner doom stuff I’ve covered and how they all sound different from each other in big or small ways. Some are groovier and some are weirder, or both. There’s high fuzz or low gain and fusions with post metal, heavy metal and funeral doom. It’s been a great year with a lot of twists and turns, and generally great artwork. With this in mind, I’m reviewing a new band Faerie Ring, who for the average headbanger is pretty decent, the doom veterans might be looking for something a bit more alternative though.

Faerie Ring are definitely a rockier kind of doom with a energetic musicality that reminds me of Clutch. The vocals are clean with distortion on the mic, kind of mimicking the ideas behind a lot of female fronted doom and other times Black Sabbath. A lot of wide sounding notes and ethereal lingering. It’s decent but a little too distorted sometimes for my personal taste, others will dig it. If you liked Earth, Weed, Fire by Dead Acid People last month then you will surely enjoy these style of vocals. I like the moments where the vocals add a bit of organic gain that gives it a very 90’s grunge vibe.

No overarching concept really jumps out at me other than doom for doomsakes, which is never bad for a blaze n’ graze. I know there’s mystical themes but there’s no real way to access them. It feels like these are a bunch of songs with a groove they enjoy playing and certainly fulfills that aspect of the stoner sound. It’s a bit on the simpler side with a sound that has more mainstream potential. American doom is not quite as nuanced as European doom, at least in my experience, but there’s at least plenty of riff worship to reward your stay. Towards the end it gets a bit samey as it beings to wind up but the final track definitely brings it back with a refocus of their energy into one last barrage. A firm reminder of what is good about this record.

Thanks to @witchfinder.creations for giving me the heads up on this album dropping, he also did logo work for the band so check his stuff out. He also gave me the artist credit which saved me searching. This cover was done by Adam Burke – Instagram – who I have talked about before on instagram for his cover work on Terminal Redux by Vektor. This is one of those covers that really makes the physical copy worth it, I’d love to see this on a big vinyl cover. It looks like a very tactile piece as well. He does a lot of elaborate and well colored stuff in general.

“midboss: I listen to this in a big truck.” – from their bandcamp page, and this pretty much sums it up nicely. If big stoned men driving trucks and listening to metal sounds awesome to you then definitely check it out, it’s not going to be a waste of time.


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