Short Review: Hard Mind – Corrupted Souls 6.8

  • Hard Mind
  • Corrupted Souls
  • Hardcore/Metalcore
  • France
  • 2019
  • 6.8/10


It’s been a while since I’ve covered a hardcore record, and this is Noob Heavy after all, not just Noob Metal. Corrupted Souls has some hardcore stylings that I haven’t really heard since Hatebreed, but it also feels very modern with metalcore techniques and song writing, which both work for and against them. There’s also the presence of the multiple vocals yelling effect that always gets me pumped, like early Ceremony. It moves around a lot, even touching on metallic hardcore beats. It’s pretty short so it won’t take much time, but it also so busy that I feel like it ends before they really nailed a groove down.

There’s clearly a lot of passion here with there being a strong political message attached to this music. As we can see in the lyrics for the track Corrupted Souls:

“Police everywhere, justice unfair
there’s no law anymore, corrupted souls

You preach equality when you getting some bribes
you preach fraternity when thousands people dies
they are sink in the sea, in front of your eyes
they aren’t stealing your jobs, they just run for their lifes”

The lyrics touch on living in a system that’s just shitty and operated on greed above all else. There’s a lot going on globally but it’s objectively worse in some places than others. Something I’ve come to realize covering so many different releases from different scenes. Iran with underground metal gigs that police try to shutdown. It’s a fucked time to live and this music reflects that strongly, so if that’s not really your thing… then the repetitive nature of the message may be too much. What I really enjoy about this album are the slower instrument focused moments that bring a groove in. Maybe a high hat or triangle going here and there. There’s clearly a lot of talent in the rhythm but they keep getting funneled through a very formulaic template that often doesn’t showcase it’s strengths well enough. When some sweet jam moments do happen it’s a real treat though.


I’m pretty interested in this artwork by Hervé Costa, which after googling I think this is them – instagram – An obscure and awesome french artist/graffiti guy. If I’m wrong, please correct me I’m just doing the best I can following the leads provided on the bandcamp page. Much like my recent fascination with covers with buildings on them, I quite enjoy covers that are playing out a scene. Something I’m looking more into with some black metal bands. I’ve also previously shared on instagram the Dance Gavin Dance series of covers that depict scenes. I like an album that has themed presentation. This scene in particular calls to mind the notions of systems killing artists, something very close to the heart of the French people in recent times.

I could definitely imagine that if I were French, or at least living in Europe then I’d have a spiritual affinity for this, in the same way I do about musical activism in western culture. I just don’t have the knowledge of the scene over there to really comment a great deal about the sound direction and whether or how it is being received in Europe. It’s brand new stuff that’s just come out. There’s definitely some structural choices that are considered a bit generic or trending over here, with the djent tinge at some points and real straight forward breakdowns. Which may be fair enough because the political message of anti-fascism and anti police-brutality is such a core aspect of their presence that perhaps the simpler template is the choice for most efficient communication.

I say it check it out as a bit of a curiosity, take a look and see how you feel about it because I’ve seen way worse bands with much bigger followings.

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