Short Review: Tartaros – The Grand Psychotic Castle 9

  • Tartaros
  • The Grand Psychotic Castle
  • Symphonic Black Metal
  • Norway
  • 1997
  • 9/10

I just don’t understand how they live up to such a weirdly specific EP title like this. It’s almost it’s own genre as the opening track blasts us with the screams and dancing candles of  a grand psychotic castle. They have a nice balance of theatrics and kvlt going on where it’s never too goofy but it’s also experimenting about with the sound mix in playful ways. This is a pretty chunky EP at 25 minutes of just tight work, it’s just enough time that it doesn’t smother the theme.

I’m really into architecture based album covers too, something metal has a surprising amount of. Noob Heavy’s art historian Luke Oram gave me some information about this photograph: “It depicts the Spanish/Moorish castle “Alcazar of Segovia”. It looks like processed photo to me, but could be a tracing. Most likely done by Tartaros main man Joachim Rygg who is credited with photographic art on a number of NBM releases back in the 90s”