Short review: Spectral Lore – III 7

  • Spectral Lore
  • III
  • Atmospheric black metal
  • Greece
  • 2014
  • 7/10


This cover is a piece done by Benjamin A. VierlingInstagram. This reminds me of the book (turned film) Annihilation with the twisted lighthouse/downward spiral staircase. If you’ve read and seen, you know what I mean.  The extended piece you can see in the video below is just incredible work (link in bio to It really makes this one worth getting a physical copy of just out of presentation and the music being serviceable at the very least and really satisfying when it reaches it’s element.

Despite stating they are “Atmospheric metal, ambient and experimental music”, they certainly do get heavy and even tribal at times. It’s definitely black metal for a decent chunk of it. It’s pretty awesome when it peaks with really nice sounding blast beats that hit your ears just right. It does have long periods of funeral doom post metal instrumentals where my attention often wavers, which is pretty good sometimes, for like a study record. It just wasn’t consistently interesting to me. I’d recommend at least giving it one listen because you’ll either love it or kinda like it, you won’t really regret having heard it. May as well check it off the list.

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