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Noob Heavy is focused on heavy music that cares about art and concept as much as sound. 


Current Interviews:

AkeriusDungeon synth project with an exclusive track premier and cassette releases.

Luke Oram – Visual artist responsible for many covers (Slugdge, Firelink and more)

The Archives (Reviews):

Daily Dose – daily recommendations, not scored.

Most recent:

2019 Albums – 2018 Albums  – Highest Scoring

Black Metal – Doom Metal – Death metal – Grindcore

Metallic/Hardcore – Sludge – Post-Hardcore

Heavy Metal/Thrash – Post MetalProg Metal

Noob Heavy Community:


For The Record Music Blog – A site Carcassbomb writes non-metal for.

Facebook –  There’s a really good Dungeon Synth Group



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