Review: Cyttorak – Underdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of The Warp 8.4

  • Cyttorak
  • Underdark Invasion From Beyond The Shadow Of the Warp
  • Blackened Sludge Stoner Doom
  • Rhode Island
  • 2019
  • 8.4/10


Man this album is heavy slick with blackened sludge. It’s fucking nasty. This is the true cosmic terror, most lovecraftian science fiction themed metal bands go the prog kind of stoner route. Cyttorak goes for a way more abrasive and destructive take on the theme, the true cosmic horror and soul crushing truths. The psychedelic melody comes in the shape of fuzzy ass feedback that work beautifully in the muddy mixing. The themes themselves are unique stories:

“This EP features torturous hymns about primitive ratmen from the 41st millennium, subterranean elves killing for their spider queen and more. Simultaneously crushing in its riffs and mindbending in its extraplanar leads, Cyttorak creates the landscape for you to obliterate your enemies.” – from their bandcamp

Vocally it’s very deep growls and churns like Eyehategod or Neurosis but they also add in these vocals that I love and can only describe as hardcore punk vocals.  I love the accent of those moments and they mesh so well with this gutter style of stoner sludge. It’s different from anything I’ve heard recently. Instrumentally it’s so dark and so bleak but while maintaining groove and complexity. They really know how to play into the lofi mixing and how to manipulate the various feedbacks just right.

The art work (by Roadario))) ) suitably esoteric and looks pretty badass. I love the theme of giant creatures floating in space and I’ll have to ask about the process behind this one because I don’t know enough about art to tell you what kind of design work this is but I love the detail and black and white coloring. It’s dark and mystical af.

Overall I highly enjoyed this release and the ideas behind it. I’m glad to have found another great instagram cover artist as well, make sure to follow them.

I think this will quench a lot of peoples thirst, if abysmal eternal darkness is your drink of choice.

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