Review: Haunt – Mosaic Vision EP 7.5

  • Haunt
  • Mosaic Vision EP
  • Heavy Metal
  • USA
  • Jan 2019
  • 7.5/10


After reviewing and enjoying their release Burst Into Flames last year (here), I was pretty excited to see more Haunt, even if it is just an EP. Mosaic Vision is simultaneously more of the same but also not quite what I was expecting. It’s very toned down and chill, alluding to grunge vocal styles. It’s like an Alice In Chains EP compared to their LP’s. Haunt suit an EP really well. This is about the amount of time I need them for.


There’s still that classic tongue in cheek old heavy metal/hair metal sound to a lot of the segments. They’ve stripped back the gain, speed and solo frequency in favor of a more relaxed rock pace. The music generally feels energetic and positive so it goes well with playlists and group listening. It’s easy to get into and carries a warm beat. It’s highly palatable but also very safe.

The art work is pretty sweet and thematically appropriate, using mosaic designs as per the EP’s title. Really cool stuff. This was done by Soldiers Of Hell Design.

There’s high replay value here, you could just put it on repeat and it would lead into it’s self seamlessly. If you have a very eclectic taste then this might be a bit underwhelming but if you really love heavy metal or stoner rock then you will undeniably enjoy this.

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