Review: Dropethrone – Hochelaga 9.5

  • Dopethrone
  • Hochelaga
  • Stoner Doom
  • Montréal, Québec
  • 2015
  • 9.5/10

Dopethrone are titans of modern stoner doom, getting their namesake from the legendary Dopethrone album by Electric Wizard, pioneers of doom. It’s the stoner doom we know and love but with a craft mastery and elements of hardcore punk/sludge. It’s nihilistic and heavy as fuck. Kind of a similar aesthetic to Neurosis or Eyehategod. Or even The Jesus Lizard and Fugazi, which stems from the DIY stylings with recording and producing and such. It’s perfectly raw. I don’t know how I’ve gone through these past few years having not heard this. It’s been on repeat a few times now.

Straight up, Scum Fuck Blues is the biggest sludge tracks I’ve heard in a long time. Not since like Melvins or Neurosis. It’s catchy and dark at the same time. It downright stomps when it peaks with a mosh sensibility coming into the music briefly. It’s a damn treat. It’s one I’ll recommend for a long time. Here’s the track:



It’s an enjoyable album right through with very suitable samples used throughout and only when it feels right. Random samples of like Charles Manson talking for example or other occult/stoner things. It’s put together well and is nicely presented without interrupting any of the flow. It’s given me a newfound appreciation for samples because most of the time I only hear them used poorly but this is closer to how Tool use Bill Hicks on the track Third Eye.

For the first time in a  while, the highlight for me here are the vocals. They do so much to keep it dark and doomy, straying from the usual stoner rock vocals and towards death/doom vocals you’d hear from Swallow The Sun or Tribulation. There’s a lot of range and what sounds like a lot of variations on extreme metal vocals from old doom, black metal and thrash. A lot of the time I prefer instrumental stoner bands but Dopethrone really sell me with the vocals and I’m keen to get into some more of them.

The album art calls to mind three things; metal, weed and horror movies. It’s so perfect for this kind of music. I don’t know who the artist is, perhaps someone at Rift Dealer Records. I’ve inquired with the Dopethrone facebook page so hopefully I’ll have more info to put here.



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