Review: dOwnhill – Nvncest 7

  • Downhill
  • Nvncest
  • Sludge/Stoner/doom
  • Belarus
  • 2016
  • 7/10


This is where randomly browsing pages and pages of bandcamp to find new music with interesting art really pays off. This is a small release that is three different version of the bands hit song from their debut EP. I have never heard this band before but these three tracks alone are really interesting to me and touch on something really unique.

I can’t find any info on them beyond their bandcamp which is actually the Riff Dealers bandcamp page. They appear to be some underground band from an esoteric country? I don’t know, someone please fill me in, I’m super curious. The artwork is cool but I can’t find a definite profile for the credit given on bandcamp: Ilya Khilko

It’s really likely you’ve never seen or heard of this, I’ve really stumbled onto some pretty cool underground shit here.

First up is a straight banger of sludge track with really muddy mixing and really deep vocals. Reminds me a lot of Given To The Rising by Neurosis. Second is an acoustic focused track with a vibe reminding me of my favorite Witchfinder General song I Lost You. A very tame acoustic track with a lot of power and doom behind it. I’m adore it, it’s not so folky as folk metal usually is, it’s closer to a sad rock song. Really atmospheric. The third track is a decently recorded live version of the song which is weirdly darker than other two tracks. More crust punk sludge.

It’s pretty cool and it gives me an insight into some diverse ideas behind the band, prompting me to check out the rest of their stuff to get a feel for their direction. If these are the optional B-Sides then damn the A sides must be sweet. I’m sure I’ll post in the future considering their album art looks consistently awesome.

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