Review: Full Of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy 8.1

  • Full Of Hell
  • Trumpeting Ecstasy
  • Grindcore/Blackened death
  • USA
  • 2017
  • 8.1/10

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It occurred to me today that I don’t know enough about grindcore. As an avid fan of Cattle Decapitation and Bloodthirst era Cannibal Corpse, I really need to listen to more. For some reason in my head I had it associated with deathcore more than death metal. Full Of Hell brings an offering of intensely dark and heavy music that’s very modern but without adopting -core trends beyond perhaps periphery influences. It’s not afraid to slow right down to a crushing black metal pace either. They have a new album coming out soon called Weeping Choir, due early May. I also listened to their album Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light which was a collab between Full Of Hell and The Body from the same year as Trumpeting Ecstasy. While I can’t necessarily recommend that collab album – it shows a level of creativity and experimentation these musicians are capable of. Something that’s too often missing from grindcore and modern death metal.

I’m enjoying the variety at hand here, there’s a lot of shifts in pace and style that I can appreciate. It doesn’t drone out. The tracks are mostly beefy fits of grindcore and super blackened death metal. They’ve done the whole intro track thing that I typically hate but they did it right because it’s a named track that has composed music on it and contributes to the albums theme or story. There’s a couple of bits and bobs of story here but it’s not always a great track, there are definitely a couple of weaker ones. But hey, back in the day we used to expect three songs off of an album to be good sometimes. The title track tries to do something different from the other tracks with more ambiance and melody – featuring for the only time on the record – clean female vocals. It’s not a terrible idea for a track but I personally don’t like her vocals, it needs to be more haunting. They have a new track with the same female vocalist coming out tomorrow (2nd May). Perhaps it will win me over, I want it to.

Besides that, it’s a good album cover and a coherent album. I think the length of 23 minutes doesn’t quite lend it’s self to experimentation too well, perhaps if they made it longer they could flesh out those changes in tone more. I definitely would appreciate an expansion of their slower ideas.

The highlight of this record is the vocals. They’re very good death vocals with deepness that goes lower than you’d expect, but also higher at other times. It’s got a good sense of timing and knows when to let the music shine. Sometimes I get straight up Marduk and Behemoth vibes, then other times I swear I hear a couple of -core bells and whistles inspired by Whitechapel and the like. I love when it’s two vocalists at the same time, one screaming and the other growling. This is an ancient hxc technique that works well in any genre, it always excites me – reminds me Heavy Heavy Low Low in a way. The mixing is a little muddy on the instruments, I think the guitar needs to come forward a little more, that would also add more definition to the bass and drums. They’re good musicians but I think the style they play is less technical than a lot in the genre, using more tremolo based black metal and death metal styles and techniques as opposed to copious sweep picking and gratuitous blast beats (Don’t worry, I still love you, Infant Annihilator). It’s modern, but mature and metal focused.

Full Of Hell is an accurate name for this band, they do sound like someone just opened a can and it was straight up full of hell. I’d definitely stay tuned for their upcoming album, there’s a couple of tracks out already on Apple Music.


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