Review: My Dying Bride – A Map Of All Our Failures 8.6

  • My Dying Bride
  • A Map Of all Our Failures
  • Doom metal/Gothic metal
  • UK
  • 2012
  • 8.6/10

Metallum Review

Another highly influential doom band out of the UK, It’s just the right country for it.

Miserable cunts.

Every good aspect of gothic and doom metal is here. This is music played by its rightful owners and it’s glorious. An older sound recorded on modern equipment that doesn’t lose any amount of gloom. There’s a lot of “Oh fuck” moments that sneak up on you. A lot of this is achieved by the slow pace that transitions into entertaining grooves and crushing melodies. There’s wind instrumentation that gives the music an extra accent and keep it varied.

True to the genre, the concept behind the music is general misery and despair. It’s not so much about following a plot as it is occasionally hearing concepts like a flame going out. It kind of allows you to draw your own images of despair from that, just made me think of Dark Souls. There’s also themes of god and faith, specifically the loss of faith or rejection by faith. This is achieved through story telling and not so overtly. The tracks are all beefy doom epics beyond the loud and heavy opening. There’s no bullshit and the art depicts a sufficient amount of misery.

The vocals remind me a lot of Lake Of Tears as well as death rock in general, there’s some definite Bauhaus moments. It stays true to the gothic side of things but as a whole the band uses a doom metal coating to avoid cheese. There’s clean vocals and death growls, the growls are pretty similar to Swallow The Sun and October Tide. The clean vocals vary in tone going from softly spoken passages to righteous condemnation.

As I said about the wind instruments used on this record, they are complimentary and are used correctly. They are also used sparingly. When they do come in, it’s typically at the same time as the riff starts to peak. It adds a layering to the music that is interesting to listen to. It triggers a response in the listener during these peaks, they are really good moments to explore for those who like to listen closely.

The drums and bass go crazy slow on this one, to the point of being funeral doom at parts – It doesn’t get boring however. It’s more of a lull littered with sparks of guitar licks. Nice clean tones, with the bass doing the majority of the distortion from what I can make of it. The drums aren’t doing a whole lot for me, it’s pretty standard doom drumming. With that said, it’s not exactly demanding music so it’s not always impressive. It’s just fucking depressing and that’s what it’s all about.


Considering how keen I was on Novembers Doom, Paradise Lost and Lake Of Tears a few years back, I’m surprised I hadn’t given My Dying Bride a proper listen until now.


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