Review: Vein – Errorzone 7

  • Vein
  • Errorzone
  • Metalcore/metallic hardcore
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 7/10


Errorzone is more or less on every 2018 heavy album list and for a good reason. At its best It’s a bullshit heavy serving of mathcore and hardcore. Sometimes it takes some big risks playing around with nu metal, but they manage to pull it off with taste a lot of the time – think along the lines of Deftones. I appreciate when it slows into a drum orientated hardcore beat too. It’s another strong band from a new wave of metallic hardcore after Converge, The Number Twelve, Code Orange and Dillinger. Vein are striving to make the sound their own.

Metallic hardcore is probably my second favorite genre right between doom and prog death. There’s just so many good bands coming out it like Fucked and Bound, mouthbreather, Jesus Piece (review) and Sectioned (review). Adding Vein into the mix, the genre is teeming with bands that don’t sound alike. It’s almost the shit show that post-hardcore is when it comes to deciding genres on mixed genre bands. The difference being, metallic hardcore has consistently been good this year and always gives me a sense of being ‘music for the soul’ if your soul has been tortured by society for decades.

This is isn’t as high in quality as those other bands due to some of the sound choices and a general feeling of lacking sophistication. The tracks End Eternal and Anesthesia shows us just how the experimentation can be painful as the former is a djent laden mess with terrible vocals repeating “Rain go away, rain go away” and the latter is a Slipknot-esque skit repeating stuff like “I don’t want to feel”. It’s a misstep on the way to the end of the album, the following tracks are a lot better. It’s as if they got the worst potential of their music out of their system in two tracks but couldn’t ditch them because it’s already a short record at 28 minutes.

For the most part Errorzone is banger with a lot of surprises and moments that build adrenaline well. The rhythm of the unclean vocals is oddly stimulating like Code Orange where you could inexplicably dance to it – although Vein are a bit more flamboyant in their approach. There’s a Fear Factory presence on a couple of the tracks with an industrial layer to the sound or perhaps closer to Gojira’s pick scrape technique. It keeps you guessing and keeps you banging your head along.

I look forward to hearing what they do with their next LP because I bet it will improve on this a lot. But as this is – it’s a solid album if you’re looking for more of that brutal metal and hardcore fusion.


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