Review: Voivoid – The Wake 8.8

  • Voivoid
  • The Wake
  • Prog metal/thrash/crust
  • Canada
  • 2018
  • 8.8/10

Voivoid have had a long history of changing sounds and experimenting as you can see by their Metallum page where the reviews dip and rise unpredictably with each release. I feel like this time around they’ve captured a sound very dear to anyone within the metal community. A dark and ‘full’ recording incorporating metal sensibilities and prog rock.

The first thing I notice about The Wake is how crisp the drums are in the very first few seconds of the first track. They have a punch to them that allows the rest of the instruments to take on whatever tone they want because there’s always a heavy sounding back-line. It’s a very Melvins style… but what isn’t right?

This album tries to make a very heavy version of rock and it’s the most effective attempt I’ve heard yet. It takes it’s time, has an emphasis on rhythm and theme but still has tonnes of impact behind the sound. It’s a vibe that brings to mind a more experimental take on Tools sound, but the occasional metal riffs or segments elevate it to a more extreme level. It also implements NWOBHM vocal styles and a rhythm like Motorhead. It never spends too long doing one thing though which is good for my attention span, it has a lot of ‘spicy’ moments.

Creativity seems to the focal point of the album, it uses a lot of unconventional transitions and combinations. It’s straight up doing its own thing. I’d put this up there with Where Owls Know My Name by River Of Nihil (review) in terms of how interesting each song is and how distinct the album sounds as a whole. Each track touches on some style from the history of metal or grunge and even lap slapping the bass around like Primus. It’s an impressive display of musicianship.

It does have some ambient skit type introduction to some of the tracks which is a little annoying to me, but this is the albums only weak point. It’s an otherwise solid release that I can recommend to any sub group within the metal community. The Wake is basically an ode to everything good about hard rock, grunge and metal, which then gets smashed together in an unpredictable tale that will drag you along with it until the very end.

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