Review: Marduk – Viktoria 8

  • Marduk
  • Viktoria
  • Black Metal
  • Sweden
  • 2018
  • 8/10


So, you’re walking through the dark woods at night with a couple of friends with all your instruments, but no electricity and you stop to check if you have everything you need. Yep, got the short wave, got the straps… Dave, did you bring some Marduk? No? We have to go back then.

Marduk are old but have arguably done their best work in the last decade and Viktoria is no exception. Right off the bat with the single track of the album Werwolf – we’re presented with some interesting takes on the genre. It’s catchier and more modern than most black metal but in a way that sometimes feels like blackened hardcore punk. It’s still black as heck and unrelenting in its aggression.

The tracks to follow go back to a more traditional style of black metal. Its awesome either way because they have a somewhat unique sound overall. Some instruments show restraint during certain parts, so it feels like you’re getting the songs in pieces first then it’s played entirely.

The album does go by quickly though with a run time of 32 minutes. I’m sure you can just put it on repeat and have a great time anyway. It’s the early days of black metal style track lengths with nothing too far past 4 minutes as opposed to the 10-minute tracks you find on most albums now. Now that I think about it, how did that even become the standard now? Do longer tracks make for a more harrowing experience than short lived ragers?

You won’t find the hallmark symphonic sound on Viktoria or any exotic instruments. They pull out some solid tracks in the classic metal way, with drums, bass and guitars. This one’s well worth getting. I can’t really ask more of black metal than this. They have it down pat after 25 years and show no sign of slowing down. Another band that could make it to 50 years like Black Sabbath did.

Album art alert, I’ve got a thing for certain album covers and this one makes pretty happy.


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