Wayward Dawn – Soil Organic Matter 8

  • Wayward Dawn
  • Soil Organic Matter
  • Death Metal
  • Denmark
  • 2018
  • 8/10


Soil Organic Matter starts with some death metal riffage that carries a strong grove. Completely designed for moshing. It says they are unsigned, I’m unsure if that’s still the case and if it were I’d be surprised. It’s a strong debut album. For the most part it is outright death metal but there is a hint of ‘core’ elements but its subtle. There’s a constantly moving sound to these guys like the rhythm section is a giant boulder rolling towards the rest of the band as they run away. It’s heavy.

The beat alternates between head shredding and rhythms with a huge bounce to them. It’s a fast and brutal onslaught, shaking my headphones on my ears as I listen. The flaws in the recording quality enhance the sound of this album which is awesome because its dirty as fuck. It really is using a song format that works, it goes from broken neck windmill headbanging to making you want to throw down and jump around, then back again.


The vocalist has a nice range of death growls and screams. It always blends into the song well and adds a lot of variety, making each song feels distinctly heavy. I get the vibe that everyone is enjoying what they are playing, and they are aware of how badass it is, jumping around as they play. There’s a lot of energy to the sound.

I think Wayward Dawn are into DIY self-recording sort of style because it has that feel to the album. There’s no way this LP is unsigned. This is a crazy good debut effort and I am sure they will have a great follow up album in the next couple of years. It’s the perfect album for this website, there’s not much else to say about it. It’s just good shit and these guys are doing their thing.


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