Review: Sleep – The Sciences 8.5

  • Sleep
  • The Sciences
  • Doom/Sludge/Stoner
  • USA
  • 2018 (4/20)
  • 8.5/10

Sleep have been around for a long time and have made some albums that are straight up iconic in stoner metal history. They can’t exactly do any wrong at this point, even if they aren’t as relevant as Dopesmoker was, they are still better than most of their peers. The original and the best. They are essentially a meme band, but they have the talent to dominate the entire scene and will continue to do so for some time – if this is the level they are still putting out now. Not too different from the musical trajectory of Bongripper, who have also been know to use humorous antics despite being such a serious tone.

This is a kind of music that honestly is enhanced by drug use. I’ve listened to this album sober and stoned a couple of times each. There’s just something about those deep bass tones and being baked that worked so well together. Like the rumbling of the riffs physically touches you and rattles your ribs. At times it’s super slow, like some upbeat variation on funeral doom so it’s an easy groove to get comfortable in. The song lengths reflect that aspect too, with some fifteen minute tracks.

The album art with the astronaut reaching out to a nug of weed should summarize this band and album pretty well. It speaks to so many aspects of being stoned like how a 12min song will get real quiet and let you forget you are listening to anything only to surprise you by starting back up again and getting real heavy. They generate a lot of atmosphere with their play style, it’s moving and has a heap of bass to it. Like some of Tool‘s music where you just want to get a huge sound system and face it to the floor while playing it.

Overall, it’s a slow and crushing album with a very Melvins sound. I can always have this on in the background no problem.


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