Review: Lordi – Sexorcism 7.5

  • Lordi
  • Sexorcism
  • Shock rock/Heavy metal
  • Finland
  • 2018
  • 7.5/10

Finland’s Lordi comes into 2018 with their tongue firmly in their cheek. It’s good to see they have not lost their sense of humor over the years. This album is chock full of amusing song titles and album art that I think is pretty awesome. Most people around the world have heard of them, something unusual for most of the metal community. Probably because not many of them endeavor to be on Eurovision – let alone winning it. That’s the most mainstream success you’re going to get in Metal unless you’re among the pioneers with hordes of people wearing Kiss and Metallica shirts.

Lordi homes in on sexuality, horror and humor to create an exceptional live performance. This is a very visual band taking strong influence from shock rockers like Alice Cooper and GWAR. Musically, the Cooper influence is by far the strongest, not only opting to use his style of rock but also his theatrical sound – albeit heightened by Lordi. Despite having an older sound, no one else is really sounding like this in 2018. They stuck with a dead style and it’s working for them. It threatens to border on Bon fucking Jovi at some points.

Your Tongues Got The Cat is a strong opening to the album, filling me with feelings and vibes one could expect to feel before entering the high school halloween ball… but if you had an exceptional cool school. Yeah, those feelings. It’s catchy right through and has an unsettling amount of references to fornication with household pets – which I don’t fully understand. It has the vibe of one of my favorite albums, Famous Monsters by Misfits which is a good thing.




The album art by Mr Lordi is something else though. Back in the days of Tipper Gore this would have been on the banned albums chopping block for sure. The whole thing does sound like it was made in that era and not in present time. This will be received different according to each individual, but I personally think it’s a good thing that this style can still survive. If only because of Lordi alone. At the very least it is performed proficiently.

The stand out track for me is Polterchrist which begins with some very cinematic feeling horror setting. The music that follows is a bit chunkier and doom than the previous songs. If the album was closer to this the entire way through, then I’d be more inclined to speak of Lordi like a metal band more than a shock rock band.

I was resistant to trying this one out but I’m glad I did, I’m sure I’ll put this one when I’m in the mood for some dark rock ballads. It’s catchy and It’s memorable. It’s great for parties.


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