Review: Social Apathy – Procreation 7.2

  • Social Apathy
  • Procreation
  • Blackened thrash/Crust
  • Greece
  • 2018
  • 7.2/10


Social Apathy are a new band from Greece. They are currently signed to a small label called Mercyful Hell who released a limited amount of their debut album Procreation. So, we’re on the ground floor here and this release feels unique.

They play crust punk infused black metal. It’s shouty, it’s thrashy and abrasive. Due to the lofi production (it’s their first LP) it has that old vibe of traded black metal cassettes and CD’s of self-recorded tracks. It feels raw. I’d be really interested to see what they do with the higher production value. It would definitely help the main flaw which is that due to the recording quality, the vocals are touch bit too loud in comparison to the instruments. In the next recording I wouldn’t turn the vocals down as much as I’d make sure the instruments are brought up a little. Then again, some very well might like it how it is now, only further exposure for the band will reveal that.

I’m really digging this LP, it has a lot of “fuck yeah” blackened thrash moments with rolling riffs and waves of build ups with a decent groove to them. On the third track there was a moment where I wasn’t sure what was going on, it sounded like clean vocals layered beneath the main vocals for the chorus, but it wasn’t clear enough. It sounded interesting though. The core vocals are of a very hardcore/crust style, but it fuses seamlessly with music. There is a good variety of vocals on this album from the occasional King Diamond-esque squeals to bass toned doom chants. It never gets boring.


Someone needs to give this band the money to be able to just sit and create for a few months. I think they would put out something really fresh. This LP is a good showcase of what they know about metal and hardcore – almost like an homage to old black/death/sludge/crust/thrash – and the next LP will hopefully cement a good direction for the band.

Keep an eye out for Social Apathy.



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