Review: Hamferð -Támsins likam 9

  • Hamfero
  • Tamsins Likam
  • Doom metal
  • Faroe Islands
  • 2018
  • 9/10


Támsins likam has a traditional folky start right out of mid 00’s prog metal but very quickly becomes expert level death/doom metal. Even venturing as far as funeral doom metal at times. It’s often gothic in its style with operatic vocals rumbling over the music. IF you’ve ever heard Australian doomers Virgin Black then you’ll be in familiar territory here. It’s very theatrical.

As expected from doom metal, they take their time with the music holding notes for a while. Allowing time for the music to find a good rhythm. It’s a classic entry into the genre along the lines of Swallow the Sun and Novembers Doom, perhaps with the gothic elements from Paradise Lost or Amorphis. It sounds almost religious in its ominously humming kind of tone.

Everybody plays in such a tight concert sort of way, I can imagine them as an orchestra with how big the sound is. It calls to mind images of a large medieval battle and perhaps the right side isn’t winning. These are big songs that bring a lot of gravity with them, well worth a listen if you’re up for something slower but still heavy it’s in delivery. There are plenty of moments where the death vocals are given time to growl out some haunting passages, as well as the clean chorus responsible for a significant amount of sound.

A very pleasant listening experience.


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