Review: Fucked and Bound – Suffrage 7.5

  • Fucked and Bound
  • Suffrage
  • Metallic hardcore/punk
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 7.5/10

From the band name alone, these guys are on some seriously heavy levels of hardcore. I can never get enough of this new trend involving female fronted psychosis. Stuff like Made Out Of Babies or Rolo Tomassi.

The core of the music is still punk – with a Rancid sound to their bass and speed. It’s kind of like if Brody from The Distillers forgot to take her meds and lost her shit in the recording studio. Overall, Suffrage is loud and aggressive with little to no focus anywhere else. It’s straight forward in its approach and pure in its use of hardcore punk sounds.

The hardcore mentality carries over into the production quality of the recording too, with a much rawer sound overall. The instruments aren’t always distinct in the mix but either way Suffrage gets its point across in a pointed way. This is an ode to the old school – The Black Flag influence is back in full force.

Fucked and Bound put on a brutal live show, I think The Murder Junkies would be impressed by the stomping of these tunes on a stage. From a quick google image search I can see that vocalist has no issues doing a near-nude hardcore gig like old mate GG Allin. It would be a very full and direct experience, that dangerous feeling that hard music is supposed to have but has since lost – or so I thought. As a performance I would go see these guys all the time, as an album however, it doesn’t quite stand up to the musically focused records that intrigue me.

There’s not much to say about it beyond that. It’s a kind of show and vibe that the degenerate side of me can’t get enough of.

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