Review: Monotheist – Scourge 8

  • Monotheist
  • Scourge
  • Progressive death metal/Brutal death metal
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 8/10


Scourge is progressive death metal with the emphasis on death. Religion also plays a heavy role in the music, but it’s stated that not all members are religious. They have however appeared in “Christian brutal death metal” compilations. This is no way prevents Monotheist from being awesome. I just thought it was an interesting tid bit. This is a debut album that’s full of brutality, it’s like having a bag filled with razor blades and the cosmos but you never know which one you’re going to get when you stick your hand in. You’ll either cut yourself repeatedly or be sucked into a black hole at the edge of the universe.

Monotheist have achieved an equilibrium between absolutely brutal death and darkly progressive melody. The guitars are always ready to express those changes in tone between the fret shredding and the spacey chords, they really drive the progressive element of the music. The drums and bass bring the death side of things to full color life with their unwavering pummeling, it’s their absence in the proggier parts that allows you to realize just how much thickness they are contributing to the metal.

I don’t completely get the tracks Mark Of The Beast Pt1 and Pt2. The first is a minute-long classical interlude and the latter is a seven-minute-long track continuing the sound of the first track. Why not one eight-minute song like the majority of them? The Pt2 is a solid song either way, it has a lot of sweep picking which is something I’ve always adored. The last half of the song shifts into an unmistakably Opeth inspired composition. And like Opeth, the length of the tracks is asking for your attention, and for the most part, they deserve your attention.

The major drawback of this record is the sound mixing. In some parts it can almost clip a bit, some things could be turned down a notch and others recorded differently. This is a debut LP though to be fair, something I keep forgetting due to the quality and talent. I’m not sure how exactly they’ve been around for 11 years and have only just recorded an LP but the experience shows in the playing. They just need more support from their audio engineers or find a label that has better ones.

Well worth getting, it’ll sit well in any death or prog death collection. Their next album is going to go off.




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