Bloodletter – Under The Dark Mark 7.9

  • Bloodletter
  • Under The Dark Mark
  • Thrash/Heavy metal
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 7.9/10


Bloodletter jam out a fast, guitar orientated flavor of thrash metal on their debut LP Under the Dark Mark. They aren’t signed yet so it’s self-recorded, but they did a great job. They have a lot of other recordings, EP’s and demos, their output it impressive for a new band and clearly that recording experience pays off here. Any of the problems on the record would easily be squashed by having access to the resources of a half decent record label.

The sound is very thrash but from the angle of classic heavy metal. It’s fast and the licks are soaring. The vocals aren’t afraid to go high and soar as well. There’s even a taste of metallic hardcore in his voice at times which I am always down for. I do hope the vocalist does a lot of vocal exercises and continues to refine his techniques. It’s serviceable now but I would like to hear it get bigger. Perhaps higher production would achieve that as well, it’s hard to say.

Bloodletter has technical aptitude, particularly with solos and some of the more complicated riffs but the song lengths don’t give quite enough room for full exploration. What is there is great but can end or shift abruptly at times. With their tones and structure, they could end up making some pretty big Mastodon like tracks, the similarities are already there. Older Mastodon that is. They vary in pace – often slowing down to darken the atmosphere which keeps it interesting.


The standout track for me is Possession. It really hits the mark. It somehow simultaneously sounds deathy and a bit hardcore but still consistent with the albums heavy metal/thrash sound. I think it’s the track that best shows the future direction of the band and them finding their signature sound. It’s dope. Lean into that one guys.

Overall, it’s a stellar debut release and a nice piece of metal. They show they can play as a band competently and construct some bangers. I’m sure they will be signed sometime soon, and if not from this album, then certainly the next one. They’re only going to improve from here.

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