Review: Jesus Piece – Only Self 8.8

  • Jesus Piece
  • Only Self
  • Metallic Hardcore
  • USA
  • 2018


These guys are heavy as fuck and I don’t just mean they use ridiculous amounts of gain, every element present is a source of chaos and menace. Only Self maintains a certain level of aggression and anger and then somehow still manages to transition into segments and breakdowns that take it to an even darker level. It’s no surprise that it had production from Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos and mastering by Brad Boatright who also did Nails.

The drums are real dirty. Each hit of the drum has a huge presence to it and when the faster beats come in it’ll shake your sound system. I love this percussive approach where every instrument feels like it’s contributing to the same instrument, as if it were a band of multiple drums and basses. Then the guitar or the bass will occasionally split away from the main noise to create more ominous tones.

The vocals are great, it’s reminiscent of Neurosis but in a much faster and harder way. He has that deep sludge in his voice, like its super wet or something. The timing with the instruments is good too, some thought actually went into the composition of the vocals. As with a lot of releases this year there is multiple vocals often overlapping. No real cleans though, just growls and “less unclean” accompanying them. Which is good because too many ‘core’ orientated bands go for the cleans and thus stray away from the path of metal.

The songs are a good length for this kind of onslaught, around 2-3 minutes average, a couple reach 4 minutes. You can really tell when each new track starts, they do a good job of signalling the beginning of the next beating with some solid opening riffs. Another 2018 entry into the metallic hardcore style that shakes things up, more like Sectioned and Mouthbreather than the typical converge orange comparisons. Also the album art looks like a NIN album.

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