Daily Dose: Bog Wraith – Omen

  • Bog Wraith
  • Omen
  • Blackened Deathcore
  • USA
  • 2018
  • 9.2/10


Bog Wraith are one of those bands whose name is so great that it made me want to listen to them. It paid off. They are a very recent band having formed in 2016, clearly some young chaps and what they play is undeniably deathcore. Deathcore used to be a bad word for most bands as it represented an immature style and it borrowed heavily from metalcore which was associate with ‘scene kids’. In 2018 however, bands like Bog Wraith are becoming credible in their ability and brutality.

Another ripper of an album, opening with a harsh introduction to Bog Wraith’s blackened variation on deathcore. It’s dark, heavy and fast. I heard a triangle and I approve. This level of music requires a lot of discipline and practice no matter what instrument you’re playing (except maybe that triangle). We’re talking insanely fast scales, spasms of micro-blast beats, sweep picking and various ranges on some of the thickest vocals around. Sometimes I’m wondering if the drumming I’m hearing is actually the bass because it’s all happening so fast. I think fans of Rings Of Saturn or Infant Annihilator would appreciate this record.

The merging of black metal into deathcore just tickles me. It’s exciting really. Whenever those true black metal moments shine through, I am listening with my full attention. When it comes to the deathcore aspect, they take the best bits and ditch the try hard stuff. The band is clearly well informed across genres and they have complete freedom to muck around with the tropes of those genres.

It’s heavy, it’s impressive and it’s modern. Just check it out.

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